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A quiet girl

Posted by pam on February 13, 2017 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I have gone all quiet again, but i do that when i get busy and life over takes me. The days have seemed long, but i'm a busy girl. Go orders for things, and i'm busy trying to get them knitted. Taking time out to relax at night playing a word game that i found on facebook.


Valentines day is tomorrow which to some is a big day, to me it isn't i was never one of those girls that got anything. But i have made two valentines hat with hearts on them. Sold those babies so i have extra money. I feel like i'm running late today, i probably am, but coffee is a must for me.


I know short and sweet.


*climbs in her Masters lap, leaning her head down on His chest, listening to His heartbeat, she smiles as she peeks up toward Him, she loves this Man so much.*

A good morning

Posted by pam on February 2, 2017 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

An early morning for me, i couldn't go back to sleep after waking up at 6am, so made coffee, did 2 loads of laundry, and relaxed a bit, dinner is in the crock pot so all i have to do is make the sides when i get home. Showered and dressed for work, so all in all a good morning, looking forward to a good day.


Went through all my bookmarks organized them, trying to get things on my computer all straight so things are easy to find.


Had some valuable talking time with my Master last night, which was needed and very much appreciated, all the messages and emails are good, but actually hearing His voice, well it's relaxing to me a least. He said something the other day like communication is the key. That is so true, we connect most every day, some how or some way. I got lucky ( i say lucky but i knew He was a good Man before i committed) He reads everything and listens. So i never feel all alone, i know somewhere over the pond my Master is with me in spirit, and in my mind. Lol in my mind, all the time, every decision, every time i feel lonely, every time i'm meditating and praying He is in my mine, and my thoughts. Sleeping with His arms wrapped around me every night, maybe not phsyically but mentally, sleep always comes when before it didn't always happen, finally i have peace and love.


*smiles toward her Master as she leans down kissing one put then moving over kissing the other boot, laying her cheek against the leather, she relaxes knowing she has found her place, with the One she loves and adores*

Finding time to breathe

Posted by pam on February 1, 2017 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Up and kind of lazy this morning, but then i so deserve a lazy morning, project planned out one for me and one to post on a site to sell.

There is a baby due this month so Friday i'm buying some baby yarn and making a bably blanket, my first one, i may be going way over my head with the time frame but oh well, if i'm see i'm not gettting it done, i'll set it aside and make a little hat, and small gloves then give the blanket when it's done.

 I have doing a bit of research around the sites around here that people put things up for sell, i have decided to post two or three things a week just to see how the market it and what people will buy and won't buy, there are things that can be knitted year around to sell. So if it all works out there will be a little extra money coming in.

 *climbs in her Master lap to cuddle* Hi my Master

A bit behind

Posted by pam on January 31, 2017 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Life seems to be getting away from me the last couple of weeks, a few changes, my little house for one turned into a house for two. So there has been some adjusting for me, and i'm sure for him.

 I have about got it all sorted and things back on schedule the main thing that has changed is that i now cook a dinner, which before i just grabbed something easy. Cooking a dinner is much healthier for me so that isn't so bad, just have to make the time for cook. Another main thing that has changed is Master's personal time, but that will work out because sooner or later we will both land on alone time at that same time. (i so hope so or i may have to beg for some me time for myself)

 I'm struggling a bit with work, and all the hours and days,but that is something that will work out, as i told my boss that i would let her know when i need a day off, so that she can send somebody else, that i am going to do at least twice a month, everybody deserves a day off.

 I posted a scarf and hat i made on my facebook and have got a couple of orders so i have been trying to get them done, i finished the last order today. Now i am going to start working on some items to put on a sale site to see if there is a market out there for them. I don't need a whole bunch of money but would be nice to make an extra $40 or so a month. Besides if i don't do something i'm going to have a bunch of hats (well i have that now) for myself and i can't wear them all. i love my knitting that is my only hobby and it calms me, and helps with my hands.

 I'm really tired tonight, it has been a long long day. i picked out my next project, and am ready to start it tomorrow.

  *hugs her Master all tight*


Posted by pam on January 16, 2017 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

So reason my first post is not posting, that drives me crazy.


I had to stop knitting on my project i have been working three days on, my hands hurt really bad, so time to call it a night with knitting. i'm in a mood all i want to do is climb in my Masters lap, wrap my arms around Him, lean my head on His shoulder and close my eyes.

Dinner was good tonight, i'm getting back in the idea of cooking a meal, you can tell it's good when Tim goes back for seconds. Dinner was bacon wrapped barbeque chicken, mashed potatos, and baked bean. Yum

 my Master i'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open, so i'm taking my meds and going to bed.

 *she winks toward her Master as she leans her head on His knee*

 good night my Master, hugs and smooches

 i love You



Another day, loving my days

Posted by pam on January 12, 2017 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Grumbles as my post disappears well maybe that one wasn't meant to be made.

Up out of bed, coffee and breakfast done.

Loving my life, even though this week has been a bit hectic, things are smoothing out.  I'm loving my new internet, can listen to music and watch a few shows and not worry about data.  This is going to allow more freedoms.

Sighs a bit (a good sigh) as i will have to get ready for work soon.  I have a stop to make before work.

This weekend is yarn organizing weekend, have so many small balls of yarn, while my Master is out of town this one is going to figure out what to make out of some of it.

Good Morning my Master, be safe this weekend, Yours loves You so very much.

my Master, winks

Posted by pam on January 11, 2017 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

This morning i find myself missing my Master

*small feet scurry up the steps, as they hit the landing she takes off at a run, pausing at the door, a hand reaches out pushing the door open quietly, she peeks in her eyes going to the bed, just in time to see His eyes open and land on her pretty face, He smiles then opens His arms*

*her eyes sparkles as she travels toward Him, long hair flowing down her back, velvety hips swaying side to side, reaching the bed she gasps as strong arms reach out to pick her whole body up and over on top of Him, leaning down she lays her head on His shoulder, listening to His heartbeat, her body responding to His touch, His warmth, she smiles as He kisses her forehead, she is home, just where she needs to be at this moment*

*taking a deep breath, enjoying her Master, she peeks up at Him, whispering softly*

good morning my Master

Jan 5, 2017

Posted by pam on January 5, 2017 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Today started off good, i'm feeling a little better.  I slept pretty good.  I very cold here at least to me that is, so i'm bundling up today, a coat, hat and scarf, not need being cold when you have the means not to be.


Project makeover me is going slow i really haven't started on it very well, because of the medicine change and stuff, now that i have that fixed i'm looking forward to a much better start in the next few days.  

I had a good day yesterday, and a better evening, spent some time on the computer then picked up a book and read a few pages, knitting was put aside last night, my hands needed a rest.  

Looking out the window the colors of fall are going the trees are just there with no leave, the greass is dea, i see not green, winter isn't one of my favorite seasons, i can't imagine anybody liking to be cold.

Oh my vowel to take make my lunch and take it everyday, i have managed to keep up, no pasta, just sandwiches.  Pasta is my down fall, i forget that it's bad for a diabetic.   

Last night i was missing my Master really bad, so i sent Him a message of crawling in His lap, normally i ask for permission, but i just needed to feel the closness, i knew He was busy and wouldn't be able to answer.  There are lots of little things that i can do tht makes it seem like He's right here with me.  He has showed me that.  To me when those feelings are really felt, then it's a special relationship. 

The time has come for me to get ready for work. Bye for now journal.

*feeling arms come around her, the warmth of them consuming her she looks back over her shoulder at the Man now holding her, leaning her head back closing her eyes as His warm lips kiss her the side of her cheek,a smile coming to her lips as He whispers,*

Good morning Mine

*she scoots back closer to Him so she feels His warmth all the way to her feet, a Master that always keeps His warm, this one is lucky, He deeply cares for her and takes care of all her needs, knowing she has to get up in a few to get ready, He pulls her even closer, snuggling with her just a little longer, then slaps her arse signaling for her to get on up and get ready, she winks as she slides out of the bed, then slips off to the shower* 

Bye my Master

A Task

Posted by pam on January 4, 2017 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

*leaning down picking up the basket, turning about walking through the room to the door she left ajarred, bumping it with her hips, small feet begin carrying her down the hall, humming a song as she turns to step down each step of the stairs, hearing noises of the slaves going to and fro doing there daily chores, she smiles a bit as she continues walking across the Main Hall, slipping out the door she takes a deep breath, taking in the fresh air from outside*

*the sounds of axes hitting wood, combining with the sounds of water hitting rocks, and boats docking she makes  her way down the path to the laundry room, stepping in going to the washers she begins to load both of them with her Masters clothes, adding the liquid soap, turning on the machine, looking around for a seat as she has a bit of time, going over setting down, pulling off the small bag that is around her shoulder and  hips, she takes out needle and thread and begins to mend a shirt that has a tear in it*

*listening to the music coming out of the radio, she begins to sing softly as she works, listening to the sounds of the washing machine so she would know when it is finished, she continues to mend her Masters shirt, hearing the maching cut off she set aside her mending, rising up walking over to the machine, switching the clothes to the two dryers, she turns around to sit, taking up the mending again, smiling to a slave that walks in with a basket of Mans clothes, she thinks of her Master*

*her eyes begin to sparkle at the thought of Him, loving the way His voice sounds, loving His smile even though she doesn't see it often, listening to His words of comfort or guidance when she most needs them, she smiles a sweet smile as she stands up going over to the dryer, taking out the clothes hanging some, folding some, the putting them back in the basket, picking the basket up going over to where she was sitting, folding up the now mended shirt, putting back the needle and thread in her bag, pulling the bag over her neck and shoulder, she feels it caressing her hip, lifting the basket she makes her way back to the Home*

*stepping into the doorway, taking a deep breath as it always smells good in her because of all the baking going on, her feet carrying her back across the Main Hall up the stairs, she quietly steps into the room, shutting the door softly, smiling as she watches the sleeping Man in the bed, carrying the basket to the closet she begins putting away the now clean clothes, then lays the basket to the side to be used again, turning about, her eyes traveling to His face, seeing His blue eyes watching her, His move to open wide*

*she takes off at a run, slowing only to jump in the bed, His warm arms pulling her close to Him, she snuggles with her Master, He pulls up the furs, pulling her below Him, she moans as she feels her body responding just the way He wants, her eyes look up to Him, as He takes over her body, her feelings,which are in reality His*

Good morning my Master